Dear Roommate...

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Open letters to roommates.

This community is for writing notes to your roommate(s), whether it be in a college dorm room, your family, or just someone who you happen to be sharring an appartment/ house/ condo with. This note could do with anything from something nice that they've done for you, or the fact that they keep drinking the last of the milk and putting the empty container back in the fridge, or even that their stuff mangages to always find its way into your space.

A Few things to keep in mind:

-> Please keep posts in the form of a note or a letter.
-> If you are posting a picture, please put it behind an lj-cut.
-> No Trolling. Anyone trolling will be banned, no questions asked, no second chances.
-> Please only advertise communities here that pertain to the topic (ie note_to or living situation).

The moderator is unkwillow, please direct any questions to her.